8 Nov 2017

10 ideas that will help you finish the SRE year well

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‘It’s almost Christmas. I can see the finish line. Only four SRE classes and then it’s Christmas holidays!’

Have you ever found yourself feeling this way about your SRE class towards the end of the school year? I know I have.

Rather than stumble in a heap over the finish line, follow these 10 tips and you’ll finish the SRE year well!

1. Pray for your students individually

The end of the year is different to the start because you now know your students. You should be able to pray for your students individually, thanking God and asking Him for particular things for students.

2. Write Christmas cards

Some teachers write Christmas cards for their students with a brief word of encouragement for each child.

3. Have one-to-one conversations

Make the most of one-to-one conversations to encourage or challenge your students. I do this while students are doing their bookwork or worksheets. By the end of the year, your students know you, and you them. So you have more opportunity to give them very specific feedback—thanking, encouraging, or getting back to them about a question they are stuck on. Those one-to-one opportunities may help change a student’s world.

4. Ask students how they celebrate Christmas

Encourage the class to share things they might do over Christmas to celebrate Jesus’ birth with their family or church. Allow students to share ideas, like carols in the park.

5. Give a gift

Find a parting gift to give your students. In high school SRE, The Essential Jesus is a great gift idea. (The Essential Jesus is a fresh translation of Luke’s gospel). If your church doesn’t have copies, ask a neighbouring church. There are many other free or cheap resources that will help your students explore the Bible and what they have been learning in SRE. Why not ask your children’s or youth minister what resources they’d recommend?

6. Farewell Year 6 students

Farewell and encourage Year 6 students. Encourage them to sign-up to the Combined Christian SRE at their new high school. Even better if high school SRE teachers could visit Year 6 classes or make a short video message to share with those heading to high school.

7. Survey students

Some teachers survey their students to get feedback about what they have learnt in SRE. These help in so many ways. They help you gauge how students have received your lessons. Many students often share how much they have enjoyed learning new things through SRE. You may learn something about your teaching ability, but you may also be really encouraged by what students say about SRE. What a welcome encouragement this is at this time of year.

8. Have fun!

Make the end of year lots of fun! Celebrate the end of the year with your students. Play games that help them to recall the various things you have covered in class throughout the year. Some teachers in high school have been using Kahoot in class for those schools who have students learning on electronic devices. What a hoot!

9. Thank the school

Let’s always be good guests in the school. When meeting with the Principal to discuss 2018, thank them for all their support of SRE. Likewise, thank your classroom teacher for sharing their room and their support. In high school SRE, if you share a staff room, always thank the teachers for their help during the year and support of SRE.

10. Celebrate with your partners in SRE

Celebrate with your fellow teachers, supporters, SRE boards, and ministry leaders about the year just passed. Some SRE teams end the year with a meal together. You deserve it! Celebrate as you reflect together over the year and give thanks to God.

However you choose to finish SRE well this year, remember to keep having fun as a teacher: your attitude is contagious! If you show your love and joy for Jesus through your attitude to him and your students, they will be encouraged to love Jesus also.

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