15 Oct 2017

Your ministry training will be a blessing to others

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I’ve been the Principal of Youthworks College for three years now. As I talk with people about the College, there are some questions that regularly come up:

  • Why should I consider studying at Youthworks College?
  • What are the benefits of theological study?
  • Do I really need to study if I already attend a good church and am involved in ministry?

Let me suggest two thoughts, which I hope will provide some answers to these questions.

Theological study will provide focused time on the teaching of God’s word

By deliberately planning your time to concentrate on theological education, you will:

  • Deepen your knowledge of God’s word
  • Be personally shaped in a community designed to help you flourish
  • Get more opportunities to practice essential ministry skills with the help of trained and experienced ministry practitioners.

Lecturers at Youthworks College take students into areas of thought that might not normally come up in everyday ministry situations. Students can therefore grow and be equipped as followers of Jesus in a concentrated and focused way.

Your ministry training will be a blessing to others

As you grow in your understanding of God’s Word and how to share it more effectively with others, you’ll become equipped for:

  • Answering the deep questions of others
  • Providing godly leadership in a variety of contexts
  • Being a mature and wise presence in your church.

Plus, you’ll also grow in your own relationship with Jesus and understanding of the Gospel in ways you may never have thought possible.

So…Why Youthworks College?

Here are my top three reasons:

1. Because young people matter to God (Deut 5:7; Mk 10:13–16; Eph 6:1–3)

Youthworks College focuses on ministry to children and youth in the context of families. More and more children continue to be born in Australia outside of the influence of the Christian faith (305,000 children were born in 2015—this is a 15% rise on the numbers from 2005). Young people keep moving in and out of our churches, with way too many moving out!

While ministry to young people shares a common core with all ministry (that is, prayer, the Word of God, discipleship as a follower of Christ), it is also a contextual ministry. There are questions of development in all aspects (physical, emotional, cognitive, moral, faith) that need to be taken into account. Questions of culture need to be taken into account. Youthworks College has created a programme that helps students deal with these complexities and more.

2. Because Youthworks College has a uniquely integrated model of learning

Students study three days a week over two years and then work in ministry for the rest of the time.

The two activities feed off each other and study is thoroughly integrated with work. Because everyone studying at Youthworks is involved in some kind of children’s and/or youth ministry, there is constant chatter about ideas, issues and what is (or is not) working in our churches. It is a rich community environment to be thinking about youth and children’s ministry.

3. Because Youthworks College is proven to work

Over the life of the College there has been a steady stream of highly skilled graduates working in churches, schools, and other specialised ministries. Some have gone on to further study and other ministries. We are delighted that the Lord has used Youthworks College to call and equip workers for this significant area of ministry.

There are lots of other reasons to consider setting aside some time to come and study at Youthworks College and I would love to talk to you further about how you can study with us and where that might lead.

One final thought. A youthful age is no requirement for study at Youthworks College and maturity is no barrier. Youthworks College is for the young at heart, Youthworks College is for those who have the young at heart; it is for everyone who loves the fact that young people matter to God.

Learn more about how Youthworks College can prepare you for a life of purpose and impact!

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