Average Week.

Your ‘average week’ with us will obviously be totally awesome – though it will vary depending on your study load and ministry placement. For full-time students it will look something like this:

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    2 Days on campus (overnight)

    Students will spend Monday and Tuesday each week living on campus in residential community, participating in lectures and classes, chapel, prayer groups, meals and other informal time together.

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    1-3 Days serving in a ministry placement

    (eg. at your local church). Students participating in an unpaid ministry placement may choose to take on a part-time job.

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    1 Day for private study
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    1 Day of rest

Ministry Placement

All students are required to participate in supervised ministry placements of up to 3 days per week. The purpose of your placement is to enable you to apply your classroom learning to real-world ministry.

Your ministry placement might take the form of volunteer (unpaid) SRE teaching or youth group leading, or working as a paid children’s or youth minister. For many students, this takes place at their ‘home’ or sending church, though there are many churches looking for trainees if this isn’t an option. Please contact us to discuss any concerns.


Not all learning occurs in the classroom, and some of the best lessons are learnt by sharing our lives with others. Indeed, living in Christian community is one of the most important parts of the College experience, and is often what is remembered most fondly by our graduates.

Staying in overnight accommodation on campus will give you valuable opportunities to build relationships and discuss ideas or issues that have been raised in class or ministry life. Sharing meals and participating in chapel services and prayer groups also give students the chance to serve one another, and provides avenues for pastoral care and discipleship.

In addition to making some BFF’s, these relationships will form the basis of a ministry network that will offer you great encouragement and advice in the years to come, as well as provide a handy list of guest-speakers or extra hands.   

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Youthworks College helped me think critically about my ministry philosophies and methodologies, and again, the friends and networks I was able to build through YWC allow me to use them as a sounding board, and it enables us to work better together as different churches for the Kingdom.”

– Mark Schroder, Youth Minister


Each year, second and third-year students embark on a short-term mission in partnership with the children’s and youth ministries of regional churches across Australia. As well as being an encouragement to these parishes, the mission trip is a fantastic time of growth for our students as they test their skills and experience new ministry contexts and challenges.

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