Youthworks College is an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology (ACT). The tuition fees are set by the ACT on an annual basis. More information about tuition fees is available here.

The 2018 fees have been set at $1,760 for a Diploma unit and $2,200 for a Degree unit. Youthworks College then adds a $1,800 (maximum) fee for administration, accommodation, meals, additional training, insurance etc.

Financial Assistance.

FEE-HELP: If you are an Australian citizen and are intending to complete the whole Diploma program (either full- or part-time), you may be eligible to receive FEE-HELP. FEE-HELP is an interest-free loan from the Australian Government to assist students pay all or part of their tuition fees. You will later repay this loan once your income exceeds a certain threshold. For more information on FEE-HELP and how to apply, please click here.

Youth Allowance, AUSTUDY, ABSTUDY: Youthworks College is registered with Centrelink as a higher education provider, meaning eligible students can apply for Youth Allowance, AUSTUDY and/or ABSTUDY. For more information on Centrelink and how to apply please click here.

Student Remuneration: Please click here for the current Anglican Diocese of Sydney’s minimum stipend for ministry trainees studying for a Diploma. This also contains stipend information for paid children’s and youth ministers.

Churches and students should also be aware that the Fringe Benefits Tax act allows for exempt benefits to be paid to a ‘student at an institution who is undertaking a course of instruction in the duties of a minister of religion.’ The Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney has determined that for students who hold the Archbishop’s licence and are working two or three days in a parish with teaching and pastoral responsibilities of a similar nature to those that would be expected of an assistant or lay minister, it would be reasonable for the parish to consider the payment of college fees (tuition, boarding etc.) on behalf of that student minister as an exempt benefit.

The bill for students' sundry expenses may be sent directly to the church. Please contact the college office on (02) 8093 3400 for arrangements.

Students participating in the MTS-Hybrid Model may also receive additional financial assistance in the form of Government assistance and other sources through their involvement with the scheme.