Face to Face

Coming down to study on campus not only brightens our day, but it’s also the best way to get the most out of your College experience! Full-time students attend lectures and classes every Monday and Tuesday, completing eight units (subjects) over two thirteen-week semesters. Full-time students are expected to fully participate in all aspects of College life, including overnight stays in the campus accommodation.

If you think you’ll need greater flexibility, both the diploma and advanced diploma can still be completed part-time. You can study as many (or as few) subjects as you like, and complete the award at your own pace. Part-time students simply attend the lectures and classes of subjects for which they have enrolled.

Youthworks-MTS Model

Many churches are big fans of the Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) – and so are we!

In fact, we're such big fans we sat down with MTS and figured out a way for you to complete an MTS Apprenticeship and, at the same time, gain an Advanced Diploma of Theology!

Studying via the Youthworks-MTS model allows you to complete both programs in the same time it would take you to do either individually, and if you want to pursue further study – the Advanced Diploma provides access straight into second year Moore College or SMBC, accelerating your path to ministry leadership!

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The Youthworks-MTS model has a really great support structure – Youthworks, MTS and my church are all talking to one another, and they provide complimentary resources and materials that are really helpful for our development as gospel workers.

– Danielle, 26

Ministry Intensives

If you’re craving a theological espresso-shot, or the buzz that comes from developing your ministry skills, but aren’t able to commit to full- or even part-time study, then the Ministry Intensives could be your fix.

Twice a year we run elective children’s and youth ministry subjects in week-long intensive blocks. You can study at two levels: diploma and degree.

Subjects studied at diploma-level count towards our diploma courses, but can also be taken as individual units by anyone – minister, lay leader or theological student – looking for specialist training in a particular area.

Degree units can be taken as part of an advanced diploma or degree program with any Australian College of Theology institution, and have the potential to be included as credit in a secular university degree.

Alternatively, subjects can be audited as non-award subjects if you do not wish to continue studying towards your diploma.

Online Study

Whatever the reason – whether you live far away, have to work or raise children during the day – if you’d like to study with us but can’t make it to class, we can help!

The Timothy Partnership is our online education program offering both the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Theology or Ministry. Fit study around your lifestyle as you grow in your understanding of the Bible and sharpen your ministry skills with specially prepared audio and written content, and interact with fellow students and expert tutors online. With no time limit on completing the diplomas, you can study as many (or as few) subjects as you like, and complete the award at your own pace. 

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