MTS Apprenticeships

MTS apprenticeships are a great way to get a taste of full-time gospel work and determine whether you should pursue vocational ministry. They typically involve a two-year commitment within a church or specialist ministry team, under the leadership of a qualified trainer.

We think these ministry apprenticeships are a wonderful training pathway, which is why we have partnered with MTS since 2014 to deliver the Youthworks-MTS Apprenticeship.

How does a Youthworks-MTS Apprenticeship work?

It works much the same as a regular MTS Apprenticeship – you’ll complete the regular MTS curriculum and learn from your trainer as you experience the cycles and seasons of real-world ministry. The key difference is that your Apprenticeship will be integrated with specialised ministry training and theological study two days a week at Youthworks College.

What are the advantages of the Youthworks-MTS Apprenticeship?

Accredited course … straight into 2nd-year Moore College or SMBC
By studying with us while undertaking an MTS Apprenticeship, you’ll receive a fully accredited Advanced Diploma of Theology/Ministry in the same time it takes to complete your Apprenticeship. If you want to pursue further study, the Advanced Diploma provides access straight into second year Moore College or SMBC, accelerating your path to ministry leadership!

Specialised ministry and theological training
More Christians become believers as young people than at any other time in their lives – this is a crucial time for ministry, with unique cultural and developmental challenges! Our team of experts will equip you with the specialist knowledge and skills to confidently teach the Scriptures and disciple young people, and integrate children, youth and family ministry into the wider church community.

Even if you don’t see your long-term future in children’s or youth ministry, these will be vital ministry skills for a lifetime of serving God's Kingdom!

You don’t have to do it alone
Some of the best lessons are learnt by sharing our lives with others. Spending two days a week with like-minded people at our Newtown campus will give you valuable opportunities to ask questions, and discuss ideas and issues that have been raised in class or ministry life. Read more about College Life.

And you still get all the benefits of the MTS program!
Including access to the MTS scholarships, curriculum and support structures (including tax deductibility for your supporters!).

Will I get paid? How will I afford to live?

MTS Apprenticeships are not paid gigs – but nor will we let you starve! All MTS Apprentices need to fundraise $12,000 per annum in personal support, though some churches like to contribute towards this amount. MTS Scholarships are also available and will help cover the Youthworks College fee components that are ineligible for FEE-HELP. Payments are made fortnightly to the scholarship holder.

Youthworks-MTS Apprentices also have access to Centrelink student benefits, such as Austudy or Youth Allowance, as well as other Centrelink benefits such as Rent Assistance and travel concessions (eligibility criteria apply, however the benefits received could be up to $16,000 pa). Youthworks College subjects can also be funded through FEE-HELP (eligibility criteria also apply).